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Bill Cameron
Public Information Coordinator
Corning-Painted Post Area School District
165 Charles St.
Painted Post, NY 14870
(607) 654-2721

The Corning Painted Post Area School District communicates through the District Web site, eNews, news releases, social media tools and directly with the media (print/radio and TV) to provide updates to residents on important District announcements, developments, initiatives and achievements. You can contact the Public Information Coordinator via email or you are welcome to call (607) 654-2721 if you have any questions.

Link: Emergency communications/school closings

Annual School District Calendar

Guidelines for the media: All media should contact the Public Information Coordinator in the Communications Office for all inquiries. Visit our Policy pages for additional media guidelines.

Bill Cameron
(607) 654-2721

All media relations is coordinated through the Office of the Public Information Coordinator. Refer to this policy:

Faculty and/or staff requesting media coverage within a school or a school-sponsored activity off school grounds but involving C-PP students, must coordinate through the Public Information Coordinator,

Outside organizations requesting media coverage involving C-PP students/faculty and/or staff

Outside organizations conducting events within a school may not coordinate media coverage. Please inform the Public Information Coordinator if coverage is desired. Media coverage will be conducted in cooperation with District.

Hawks Logo use: Hawks official logo use is restricted and permission from the CPP Communications office and Athletic Department is required before any use of the logo outside of CPP Schools, official CPP teams and official CPP clubs. Media may use the logo in sports coverage of the district. 

District Logo use: Official district logo use is restricted and permission from the CPP Communications office is required before any use outside of CPP Schools. We will evaluate the request and we reserve the right to deny logo use under any circumstance. 

Flyer/information distribution guidelines to students/staff of C-PP School District

Flyer must first be approved by Superintendent of Schools (please deliver to District Offices, 165 Charles St., Painted Post, NY, attention: Suzy Webster. (607) 936-3704 ext. 1098 Retrieve enrollment figures for the current school year through Suzy Webster also, so you know how many copies need to be supplied.

Activity must benefit children or our community. Activity should be located in the region. All production of flyers is conducted and paid for by the submitting organization, not the C-PP School District. Flyers must be delivered to the Administration building two weeks before the date they are to be distributed to ensure a timely delivery to the buildings. Flyers will only be distributed to individual students at the elementary and middle schools. Additional flyers/posters can be sent to posting in the middle and high school and/or announcements made.

Flyers for Faculty/Staff information

One to two flyers per building to be posted in the staff lounge or office.

Fundraising flyers or event announcements for distribution to students/faculty/staff

Must directly benefit C-PP School District or activities or organizations that directly support the District's students (Sports Boosters, Band Boosters, PTAs)

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