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The Corning-Painted Post School District's Standards-Based Learning Model shows students as learners in the center. The needs of all students are at the heart of our standards-based system of learning. Everything else connects to and supports the educational needs of every student in our district.

Corning-Painted Post District teaching teams work together to build on one another's strengths, understand the needs of ALL students, identify effective classroom strategies, and update curriculum. In addition, C-PP teachers continually work to enhance their instructional effectiveness. Working together and sharpening skills are two strategies that help C-PP teachers adopt classroom practices that improve the overall experience for ALL C-PP students while highlighting relevance among subject areas.

Corning-Painted Post teachers use data tools to gain precise insight about student needs and identify gaps in skills and knowledge for individuals and groups. Using data from standardized tests, teachers can pinpoint exactly which course topics need to be covered again or in a different way to improve student learning.


Director of Elementary Education: Kerry Hochreiter (607) 936-3704 ext. 1004
Director of Secondary Education: Michelle Caulfield (607) 936-3704 ext. 1004
Administrative Assistant: Tammy Townsend (607) 936-3704 ext. 1004

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